Sheet for the 200 songs medley is available now!

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The piano sheet for the 200 Anime Songs Medley is finally done! With a total of 154 pages, this is by far the longest sheet I have ever published. 

The sheet has also been divided into 13 parts, representing the 13 chapters of my medley video on YouTube. These sheet parts are useful for people who want to only play their favorite section in the medley!

The difficulty of this sheet is also much lower than my usual arrangements and it's recommended to all the pianists, who prefers a more a relaxing time on the piano.

All sheets are available on MyMusicSheet now!

Download links:
The complete 200 Anime Song Medley (Songs 1-201)

Part 1: Shounen Anime (Songs 1-17)
Part 2: Early 2010s Anime (Songs 18-37)
Part 3: Mid-2010s Anime (Songs 38-53)
Part 4: Late 2010s Anime (Songs 54-70)
Part 5: Early 2020s Anime (Songs 71-83)
Part 6: Kyoto Animation Anime (Songs 84-98)
Part 7: Romance Anime (Songs 99-117)
Part 8: Comedy Anime (Songs 118-131)
Part 9: Fantasy Anime (Songs 132-144)
Part 10: Science Fiction Anime (Songs 145-160)
Part 11: Legendary Classics (Songs 161-174)
Part 12: 2000s Anime (Songs 175-194)
Part 13: Animenz Special Medley (Songs 195-201)

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