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Animenz's Journey

  • 2010 - Started his own YouTube channel

  • 2013 - Arranged “My Dearest” — an elegant fusion of classical music and J-pop that became the foundation of all his future arrangements

  • 2014 - Held his first Animenz Live Concert in Singapore, where he made his first public appearance onstage

  • 2015 - Arranged “unravel” — his most popular work, boasting over 90 million views on YouTube

  • 2019 - Registered as a Steinway Artist

  • 2021 - Published his first piano sheet music books in cooperation with Yamaha Music Media to celebrate his 12th anniversary

  • 2022 - Reached 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel


Born in 1991 in Germany. Classically trained pianist and Steinway Artist. 

Animenz has won many prizes from various piano competitions in Germany, with his classical music studies culminating at a music conservatory. He has gained an illustrious reputation for his arranging style, which mixes classical music and Japanese anime music. 

In 2010, Animenz uploaded his first piano video on YouTube, and this year marks the 13th anniversary of his channel. His most popular video “unravel” has reached over 90 million views, which is phenomenal for a solo piano video. 

Animenz speaks four languages — German, English, Chinese, and Japanese — and boasts overwhelming support from anime fans around the world. He has held more than 100 live performances in more than 30 major cities, including those in Japan, Asia, and Europe. 

Animenz moved from Germany to Japan in 2019 to broaden his perspective of Japanese anime and pop music culture. In 2021, he published the long-awaited Animenz Piano Sheet Music Books in cooperation with Yamaha Music Media. 

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